Landing Page «Promo Tables Orion»

I had to write the technical task for myself. In order to maximally present the promotional table, in my opinion it was necessary to do the following:

  • Three-dimensional model of the table, preferably should be interactive so that you can twist.
  • Description of the advantages.
  • The assembly process.
  • Customers.
  • Delivery, Address.
  • Order form.

Made frame animation three-dimensional model with the top view. It turned out cumbersome, a set of files of 170 pieces, even if they are 50-80 killobytes, this is an impressive amount.
I stopped at the animation of 20 frames — it gives a sufficient idea about the product.

The background is white — not to be distracting and contrasting. Shadows give volume. Since decisions to buy a large number of tables are made taking into account their technical characteristics, it is necessary to illustrate this in detail, first of all — dimensions.

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